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The Daily Bugle at Luther Taylor

Well? Out with it, Parker! Don’t leave me twisting in the wind, you web-slinging slacker!

Beard Oil? Hello Luther Taylor — 7 Reason’s it could become your next favorite beard oil.

Responsibly sourced beard oil ingrediants and packaging because nature is our thing. Imagine the world of nature destroyed is to leave our senses without joy and our soul without breath. Reminiscing, I can smell the mountain air after a rainstorm and how wet the earth smelled musky and fresh. The…

I love that you love your Ford; I’m just a Chevy Guy.

Chevy vs. Ford? / This epic battle of brands has been going on for as long as I can remember, and I am sure the ongoing rivalry has contributed both good and bad aspects to the industry. Let’s travel back to 1905 and the early part of the 20th century to the beginning of the […]

Why Luther Taylor only uses 100% Organic Jojoba Oil in their luxury hand-crafted beard oil.

Why Jojoba Oil? The way you choose to use Jojoba oil is simply your preference; however, listen to why more Dermatologists in the US and around the globe are voicing their opinions on how there are fewer products on the market today; that is as straightforward as Jojoba oil. There are so many oil…

Beneath the Midnight Howl

Sugar I crave Twizzlers, flippy, floppy unserious candy. Pull apart strands of twisted sweet goodness and the addictive smell that comes only with artificial flavoring and sugar. They give me comfort, and I knew I still had a few in my pocket from just being at the theater. Movies with friends ar…

Epic Beards

 A man’s beard is a beautiful thing, soft to the sight and touch. Jack anticipated growing a beard and could not wait until the day come. He knew it marked the end of his boyhood and that it was the epitome and culmination of what defines a man, and now I see him no other […]

Scents of Nature

The world is quite fascinating when you can take a moment and claw your way out of the mire dysfunction. Where you first see nature with an open mind and naked eye. That’s when the amazement begins and the journey into scent exploration. There are so many beautiful places to travel around o…