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Luther Taylor Legacy

We accumulate memories through smells and growing up in Appalachia, I was no stranger to the mountains and the natural woodsy scents that grew there.

Reminiscing, I can smell the mountain air after a rainstorm and how the wet earth smelled musky and fresh. The lingering smell of pine as I watched the tall Table Mountain Pines swaying in the wind.

The distinctive aroma of a coal fire vs. a wood fire and the scents were wafting in the breeze as you walk through a field of Goldenrod, White Violets, or mountain laurel. There are not many things that can come close to being in the mountains, and not much will prepare you for the breathtaking scents and sights you will experience in the forest; being here gives one a sense of calm, tranquility, and the feeling of being alive. In reminiscing, the most cloying scent was that of my Grandfather.

“We all have powers of one kind or another.” 


My Grandfather had a smaller frame, yet sturdy, intense but kind eyes, calloused hands but full of life. He was a non -traditional independent soul with a passion for cars, and he earned a living doing what he loved the best working on automobiles.  Although he may not have afforded the latest styles, he had his own style and mannerism that made him dapper.  His clothing was clean and neat despite the uniformed look of straight navy pants and a button-up shirt, and he wore a fedora that covered his vanishing grey hair.

I remembered him as a man of rare, sweet nature and vast experience. However, his beard was his very distinctive characteristic, and to me, it was his superpower, you know, like special powers superheroes have that make them unique and rare. His beard reminded me of a large lichen-forming on tree branches, grey scruffy but soft and supple with a hint of nutmeg, cinnamon, cedar, and vanilla, and yes, it tickled tremendously when he gave out hugs.  

I remember he groomed and combed it often; it was long, rugged yet sophisticated with its sense of style, the epitome, and culmination of what defines a man. His beard made him wise, level-headed, and worldly even though he lived a carefree but humble lifestyle.

I remember he always seemed to give the best advice based on careful thought and judgment; he was ahead of his time, saying you can crush stereotypes and be and do whatever you want in life.  

Smiling, I remember he always quoted my favorite superhero quote, “We all have powers of one kind or another.” Looking back, it must have been his favorite too.

Journey into a scent exploration

I wanted to be much like my Grandfather. 

I, too, had a passion and vision; I wanted to be much like my Grandfather. In being non-traditional, breaking the rules, and challenge the status quo, but most importantly, I knew I was going to reveal my powerful, robust, and influential superpower, and I did.

A heightened sense of smell, a curse, or something positive? I was going to challenge and focus on the positive and journey into a scent exploration and experience aromas that vividly recall memories of exotic spices and damp mossy tree trunks to a smell of sweet intoxicating perfume.

A heightened sense of smell, a curse, or something positive?

The power of “Hyper or Super Smeller”

The power of “Hyper or Super Smeller,” the above-average sense of smell, and with each day, the discord and content odors were accosting my senses. Mesmerizing, unforgettable, nostalgic, and rare.  Rare that all the timeless notes, unique personalities portray a decadent journey for the senses.  

I’ve got the beard nailed, and it represents a unique style, so along with my superpower and a rare formulation of enticing aromas. I invite you to discover and experience an epic odyssey, Tailored for the senses.