• Luther Taylor 1500 Beard Oil
    Luther Taylor / Private Label Signature Scent / Beard Oil

    1500 boasts a base note of Oud and a top note of Frankincense and myrrh. Accord of a fragrance igniting memories like an everlasting flame that speaks of magic and legend.

  • Luther Taylor 1975 Beard Oil
    Luther Taylor Private Label Scent/ Beard Oil

    Blends of Amber a bold base note with fragrant billowy, warm powdery sweet scent with a hint of vanilla, and a heart note of the floral fruity Rosa musk. Yesteryear’s aroma that brings back memories of people places and things.

  • Luther Taylor Pussy Willow Beard Oil
    Luther Taylor Private Label Scent / Beard Oil

    On the fragrant triangle, the heart of Pussy Willow is Fig which gives a hint of milky sweetness and a forbearing base note of Tree moss. The small evergreen plant resembles tiny trees with an aroma true to natural, earthy scents, lichenous and leathery notes—soft and airy scents with floral notes of previous eras.

  • Luther Taylor Blood Root Beard Oil
    Luther Taylor Private Label Scent / Beard Oil

    Bloodroot offers a bold yet fresh and clean aroma, using the trifecta of the base, heart, and top notes, creating a powerful and addictive fragrance.  The aromatic bouquet of Bloodroot is the epitome of nature in Spring with a top note of Lemon Verbena blended with a powerful fruity and flirty peachiness of the heart note of Tuberose and combined with a premium base of the deep woodsy, rich balsamic, floral scent of Sandalwood.

  • Luther Taylor Lore Beard Oil
    Luther Taylor Private Label Scent / Beard Oil

    The mystical triangle of Lore possesses a top note of Dragon’s Blood bringing a sugary calming mood, blended with the bold and mellow powdery aroma of the base note Warm Spice and woodsy scent, combined with the refined wood aroma of the heart note Oud Assafi.

  • Luther Taylor Ox-Eye Beard Oil
    Luther Taylor Private Label Scent / Beard Oil

    The heart of Ox-eye combines a distinctive combination of Mahagonate, a diffusive, woody-herbal exotic scent with a blast of cool citrus from the aroma of Symrise. Starlight comes and brings a sense of warmth springing from the sky just as the base note Tobacco gives the hearty and opulent warmth fragrance for the senses.

  • Luther Taylor Long Spur Beard Oil
    Luther Taylor Private Label Scent / Beard Oil
    Long Spur

    For Longspur, it’s all about the base. The long-lasting depth, reliability, and bold scents blend an accord of wet, musty earth and whisky. Base notes of Rum Ether and the dense, smoky metallic of Birch Tar will bring about memories from a bye-gone era of the wild frontier.

She had me at hello, you smell delicious

His scent was intoxicating and haunting, the kind that gets into your bones a rare aroma that brings fragrant flashbacks from the past.

The adventure never grips you, yet simply says, are you ready to start the story, then says, ok, follow the trail. The adventure and aim were clear for Luther Taylor to develop exquisite hand fragrance infusions that told stories, express adventurous identities, unique and sensuous essences of aromas that bring out character, unique scent formulations that bequeath euphoria, and nostalgia.

In today’s realm of adventure, a most ordinary object, yet hard to find. Powerful, constant, reliable, and timeless scents using only the finest and luxurious raw perfumery ingredients to allow everyone’s unique personality to spark and create light.

Discover Luther Taylor’s best smelling beard oil

Hand-formulated, luxury craftsman scents combined with 100% certified organic cold-pressed Jojoba beard oil for beard, body, and face.



Luther Taylor products are hand-formulated, Private Label Luxury Scents combined with 100% organic and unrefined exquisite Jojoba oil. We love the Jojoba plant and consider it unique as it thrives in harsh desert environments and produces a magical nut that is known for its healing properties.

We do not like the idea of a montage of oil bases as it could take away from the key benefits of using an all 100% organic, vegan, and unrefined oil, which stimulates, nourish, and moisturizes the idea of healthy and healing properties.


Hand Crafted Luxury Scent

Rich, Delicious, and Aromatic

Luther Taylor utilizes the finest certified organic 100% Jojoba oil and has no scent, which allows each of our hand-blended fragrances to become a bright dream in its own spotlight.

100% Certified Organic Jojoba oil contains:

Vitamin A, B & E
Omega-6 Fatty acids
It is antibacterial

Antioxidant aids in the promotion of collagen synthesis natural properties like sebum

Luther Taylor is Tailored for the Senses and uniquely allows you to look good, feel good, and most importantly, smell good, and we’ve earned that, all of us! 

Stay up to speed with new amazing luxury and alluring scents from Luther Taylor.

Luther Taylor Beard Oil Luxury Scents
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