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Discover the World of Luther Taylor

The dry, crisp cold air smells faintly of musk and smoke, the full moon disappears into the deep black cadaverous sky, and breaths rise like white puffy clouds, signaling a frigid night.

A spectacle of spices, oriental and floral-infused fragrances, an ode to eternal love, mystery, seduction, majestic and wild natural earth, along with bold, potent, and comforting sweet notes of previous eras.

Passion, the love of nature, is a treasure as she is the home to both land and soul.

Just like fruit grows from a flower, fashioned by nature as its master carver, our private label scents are meticulously formulated and carved from nature by hand. We invite your mind and senses to explore the world of Luther Taylor and seven luxurious treasures that will grip the senses and embark on an epic adventure.

Best Smelling Beard Oil Luther Taylor Brand
Luther Taylor

Discovery Kit Private Blend Scents

Ideal for those who find it impossible to choose only one golden luxury for their sensory journey and want to embellish in many of the finest natural essences from around the globe. Each is the perfect size at 1 dram for travel and mix and match. Each aroma is a unique blend of natural treasures that weave a story of their own in smell, emotions, vision, and dreams. Tailored for the senses, so as each leaf moves with the wind, a part of you also does.

Private Blend Scents in Glass Bottle:

1500 — 1 dram
1975 — 1 dram
Blood Root — 1 dram
Pussy Willow — 1 dram
Ox-Eye — 1 dram
Lore — 1 dram
Long Spur — 1 dram

Luther Taylor

On the Go Stick

All Natural Roll-On 15ML / the same formulation as our Beard Oil, just in a convenient carry-along. You don’t need a beard to enjoy the golden indulgence that is Luther Taylor. The perfect thing about Luther Taylor is the aromas are so beautifully crafted and long-lasting that the product may also be used as a daily natural cologne with no harsh chemicals. Select the scent that appeals to you and hit add to cart.

1500 — 15 ML
1975 — 15 ML
Blood Root — 15 ML
Pussy Willow — 15 ML
Ox-Eye — 15 ML
Lore — 15 ML
Long Spur — 15 ML
Naked – 15 ML / $19.20

Luther Taylor Private Blend Luxury Scents Beard Oil Single Samples

Sample Pack

Luther Taylor

An inexpensive way to try our amazing private blend luxury scents. If you love bold and unique scents that conjure memories from yesteryears, we know you’ll love Luther Taylor.

Whether you are looking for a signature scent or switch it up with your mood or the seasons.

1500 — sample
1975 — sample
Blood Root — sample
Pussy Willow — sample
Ox-Eye — sample
Lore — sample
Long Spur — sample