Luther Taylor Owl

Oud to the soul

Ancient and natural as the trees and the fish in the oceans, the soul craves nature and beauty and evolving aromas that allow your senses to explore in two perfect moments, past and present.

Natural fragrance scents and aromatic essential oils are handpicked from around the globe and hand formulated for their unique essence. We use only natural, certified organic, vegan, and 100% unrefined Jojoba oil in its’ most natural form.

We believe that a mixture of many oils in one formulation decreases the key benefits of that oil. A man’s beard is a beautiful work of art. Attractive, exquisite, and masculine, it’s why we created scents that are intoxicating and haunting, the kind of aroma that gets into your soul.

Discover the complete Luther Taylor product line and experience seven unique luxury scents: 1500, 1975, Pussy Willow, Blood Root, Lore, Ox-Eye, and Long Spur. We believe you will agree, Luther Taylor is the best beard oil on the planet.

Why spin straw into gold when it can be right in your pocket.

Luther Taylor 100% Natural Cold Pressed Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

Key Benefits: All-natural ingredients that nourish and moisturize the hair and skin, giving a soft, smooth, and hydrated texture.  Maintaining a healthy beard by daily grooming promotes hair growth and is excellent for all skin types.

The signature scents are mesmerizing, unforgettable, bold, clean, and pure, deriving from luxury and natural ingredients that are timeless and long-lasting.