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Luther Taylor Culture

Imagine the world of nature destroyed is to leave our senses without joy and our soul without breath.

We imagine:

  1. Importance of the value of human orientation
  2. Cultural value
  3. Small town, USA
  4. Wild open spaces free to play and roam
  5. Nostalgia
  6. Personal values
  7. Love, Faith, and Folklore
  8. Wanderlust
  9. A Pocket Knife
  10. Happiness
  11. Hard work, effort & endurance
  12. Success
  13. Handshakes
  14. Big City Nights
  15. Laughter is the best medicine
  16. Full moons, stars, and campfires
  17. Sportsmanship
  18. Charity and giving back to communities
  19. Dreams
  20. Mountain peaks
  21. Snow days
  22. That kindness should be practiced
  23. The importance of me
  24. Harmony
  25. Being

We imagine the journey, not the finish line, and know that the path doesn’t care about how the terrain is; the path is just the path, and whatever comes, you keep on going!

Luther Taylor Universe

We imagine we all have value, importance, and purpose!
We invite you to join the Luther Taylor quest, take the roads with curves, scale the mountains, sail oceans, and watch the fading light-scale across the horizon. Here the story is the path, and the way is an invitation to a never-ending journey. We simply believe in experiences that make us happy!

Tell us your story

Luther Taylor in the Wild.
  • It reminds me of light morning rain.

    Michael / Portland, Maine

    I am one who did not like most scents and did not use a conditioning oil daily. I prefer to use just plain, unscented 100% Jojoba oil on my beard, and that’s it. My mother gifted me a bottle of Blood Root by Luther Taylor, and I enjoyed the aroma of the product and decided to use it. I enjoyed the fresh, clean mildness of the scent; it reminds me of light morning rain.

  • Luther Taylor outperforms

    Mark Mc / Tazewell, VA

    Ok, I’ll start by saying in the few years I’ve been growing a beard I’ve tried several different brands of beard oil and multiple scents. I can honestly say that the Luther Taylor oils outperform all the others. It leaves your beard feeling softer for a much longer time throughout the workday and I’ll also say that their scents are unique and very appealing and lasting as well.

    I would highly recommend this oil to my bearded friends 👍👍

  • A game-changer for me

    Hunter M./ Clayton, NC

    So, my dad introduced me to the Luther Taylor brand of beard oils. To give a short background, I have tried beard oils before. What led to my father turned me on to Taylor was the story I had told him of my last random beard oil purchase. It may have been the most disgusting feeling and smelling thing ever near my face. When I was telling my dad, we laughed out loud, as all I could compare the smell to was like someone had rubbed smokey BBQ ribs all over my face.

    So, my beard oil days at that point were done, until my father gave me a bottle of Luther Taylor “Blood Root.” It was a game-changer for me. I love the smell, how it makes my beard feel, and can’t get enough of Luther Taylor.

    Personally, I have to thank my father, because I was done with beard oils, but after giving this a try, I’m totally sold and a true-blue Luther Taylor guy.”

  • 100 percent believer

    Chris G. / Syracuse, NY

    I have to admit, not only was I not someone who had tried beard oil, but I have never been someone to wear any type of “fragrance.”

    Given my sarcastic sense of humor, it was honestly something I saw as a fad, and another trendy thing for either the “hipster” who spends hours making perfectly straight lines with his beard or the typical “beard face tattoo guy” who buys some brand of oil with the skull and crossbones on it lets his beard grow to the floor. 

    But then, a very good friend of mine had told me about the Luther Taylor brand. I honestly was not even thinking of trying it, but I had a smell of each of the fragrances and a first was surprised at how distinct they were. I decided to give “Blood Root” a try. That was about a month ago, and I’m a 100 percent believer in not only how it makes my beard and skin feel, but also. Luther Taylor’s oil made a loyal customer out of me.