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Life Hacks for Men


Life Hacks for Men
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Life Hacks for Men

Life is the most sacred of gifts, and it’s simple we all want happiness; the quiet blooming of the soul and a quick or more effortless way sure makes life simpler. A clever skill or shortcut will increase our productivity and efficiency every day.

Wardrobe Life Hack

Exercising and working out sometimes we find the time other times our schedules may not allow it. However, there is a simple solution. Use the correct fit in clothing; it makes your appearance look more muscular or fit. If you cannot accommodate tailored clothing or find the right fit, layering and contrast fabrics will help you achieve a healthy appearance.

Always travel in your heavy shoes and pack your light ones. Straight laces are for dress shoes, and cross lace is for your casual ones; also, invest in a good pair of shoe trees. Those of you who would like to appear taller, and we all do, match your pants, belt, and shoes in the same color. If you are going for color, use it as a spice and not the main dish, neutral bases are the best. Always hang woven shirts and fold knitted ones to avoid shoulder nipples. Hang your suits on wooden cedar hangers and pour salt on a stain immediately. Lastly, learn the rule of jacket buttons. Sometimes, always, never; for style purposes, the top button should sometimes be buttoned, and the middle button should always be buttoned as it makes the jacket look flattering. The last button should never be buttoned as it messes with the tailoring and overall fit of the jacket.

Handsome to every eye and heart, some gentlemen look like they were just born to be dapper.

Luxury Beard Oil 1500
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Best Beard Oil, Grooming, and Etiquette Life Hack

Handsome to every eye and heart, some gentlemen look like they were just born to be dapper. However, the truth is they just make it easy with tricks and tips. Taking cold or cool showers on occasion may not be such a fun treat but will aid in less irritated skin. You should most likely wash your hair every other day if it is unmanageable, but frequent or daily washing is unnecessary and could cause your hair to look dull and frizzy. Itchy beard and skin? Try washing with a bar of mild soap and cool water and apply a beard oil of your choice based on 100% of a base oil like Jojoba, which already has properties for maintaining healthy hair and skin. Forgot your toothpaste on your shopping list? Use baking soda and water. Bad breath? Mints and gum are just a temporary fix; naturally, keeping yourself hydrated is a plus maintaining clean, fresh breath and using a breath spray.

Use a bar of your favorite soap for a natural deodorizer, like in a sweaty gym bag or locker.

Take care of your nails; cut them before your shower. Long nails do not look attractive, not now, and not ever, and for those gentlemen who have a beard or mustache to invest in a quality beard oil for daily grooming. Luther Taylor has the best Beard oil on the planet. The line of Luther Taylor products has a carrier base oil of 100% Certified Organic Jojoba oil. Using a product with 100% natural Jojoba oil gives you so many key benefits to a healthy, happy beard and face, not to mention the unique scents that have been handcrafted, making it the perfect go-to oil for your beard, body, and face.

Home Life Hacks

Home is where I want to relax at the end of the day, not do a bunch of chores, so here are a few helpful tips. Unclog drains with coffee grounds (we like death wish)—Mix the coffee grounds with dish soap and boiling water. Or use them as a degreaser. Use essential oils to polish furniture and use walnuts to remove scrapes on wood. Rub the walnut along the scratch or scrape, and then polish it off with a dry cloth. Use white vinegar to get odors out of your microwave. Simply place a small bowl of vinegar in your microwave for around 4-5 minutes, then simply wipe it out. This will leave your microwave fresh smelling. Pour a capful off mouthwash any brand into your toilet for a cleaner bowl. Organize all your bathroom essentials by simply using a kitchen utensil insert.

Store all your plastic shopping bags inside an old disinfecting wipes container. Use old or new mason jars of all sizes to store leftover paint and keep nails accessible for use by adding magnetic tape to your hammer handles. Keep your doorknobs from hitting the walls with tennis balls and drill holes in the bottom of your trash cans to prevent bags from sticking on the bottom.

Remember, happiness is not an emotion. It is a skill, just like positivity and kindness, that needs to be practiced.

Mastering your Mindset

Handsome bald and bearded

The power of small changes, just slightly every other day, week, or even once a month, can make a big difference, and practicing these changes are a plus in making them a part of your routine or everyday life. Remember, happiness is not an emotion. It is a skill, just like positivity and kindness, that needs to be practiced. Not all these things help everyone, but they are a guideline to positive results. People are important in your life, so make time for your family and friends; they are important people. Exercise regularly, practice deep breathing skills, get plenty of sleep, and eat a well-balanced diet. Keep a journal and read often. Practice a power posture by trying to walk, stand and set straight.

The most crucial hack in life is to take time for yourself and just be you!