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Our mini Luther Taylor luxury scented beard oil sample pack is free for a limited time! So it’s time to explore and experience an epic aromatic journey into the world of Luther Taylor and discover the best smelling beard oil on the planet. Enjoy $5 dollar first class shipping. Free Shipping on Orders of $140.

  • Hand—Patinaed Guardian® Bell

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  • Luther Taylor Beard Oil Product Line

    Luxury Beard Oil 30ML The New Gold Standard

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  • Premium Beard Oil formulated for Therapeutic Wellness – Heritage Collection

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  • Luther Taylor All Natural Roll-On

    All Natural Cologne Roll-On 15ML

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  • Beard Oil Discovery Kit

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100% Certified Organic Jojoba Carrier

No. 1 – Beard Oil

Bet your boots you’ve never tried anything like Luther Taylor. It’s a beard oil and hair oil that’s safe for your entire body. All 7 scents come in Glass 30 ML bottles with Bullnose Droppers.

Spot Treatment, cuticles, hands

No. 2 Moisturizer

It’s a moisturizing skin oil that’s formulated to match your natural skin’s own moisturizer. Our roll-ons are great for travel or everyday carry. All 7 scents come in 15 ML Glass bottles with a roll-on applicator.

Luther Taylor Discovery Kit

No. 3 Cologne

Long Lasting Dry Oil scents (Non Greasy) it’s a natural cologne or, as we like to call it, “a scent and mood enhancer.” Order the discover kit in shaker-style glass bottles, then learn your favorites and then purchase full 30 ML bottles or 15 ML roll-on bottles.